FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Call us at +14168002057 or email us at: info@360travelsim.com

In the unusual event that the quality of your call is poor, ensure you have a proper signal. If you have a good signal the line may be at fault, please hang-up and redial. If that does not resolve the issue try changing mobile networks. Please refer to your handset manual for instructions on how to do this.

Yes. Once you have purchased a number and it shows in your account you can log in and change the Default Caller ID to any number you prefer. Then whenever you make an outgoing call the number you have selected will show. You can change Caller ID at any time .

360travelsim is compatible with the majority of phones. However your phone must be unlocked to use our services.

Yes, 360travelsim works in both countries. To use it in Japan you will need a 3GSM (or 3G) mobile phone that supports WCDMA 2100. Although this is a GSM phone it is using 3rd generation technology which is deployed in Japan. There are 2 different 3G standards presently in use. To ensure that you have the correct phone for roaming in Japan, it is advisable that you check with either your current network operator, or refer to their mobile’s handbook to determine whether or not it is WCDMA 2100 compatible.

Yes you can. You can initiate a conference call using either a web-browser or a mobile phone equipped with text messaging (SMS).

We provide a full voicemail service. To activate your Voicemail dial 122, to deactivate dial 123 and to retrieve Voicemail simply dial 121. You can also activate and deactivate your voicemail directly from your online portal, just log in and click on your 360travelsim UK number to access your call details and other settings like Voicemail or call forwarding.

Simply purchase a Virtual number which matches your country of residence. Then divert your existing mobile number to your virtual number (this would be the cost of calling a local number) and we forward all calls to your 360travelsim SIM, so your contacts can continue to call your regular number whilst you travel the world. Please note, it is recommended to check with your mobile operator for any additional divert charges.

Calling from UK, USA, EU, Canada, Australia, Mexico, or any other DIRECT CALLING enabled country 
When you are calling from the UK, USA, Canada, EU, Australia, Mexico or any other DIRECT CALLING enabled country, you simply dial the number you want to reach as if you are dialing from the UK.For example if you are in the UK; 

• To call a UK local number you dial : 02088192557
• To call any international number you dial : 00+country code+ phone number , example to call a US number dial: 001212 660 9969

When calling from a coutnry where DIRECT CALL is not enabled ( GLOBAL PROFILE COUTNRIES) 
When roaming in the Global profile countries, 360travelsim uses call-back technology to ensure you benefit from the lowest rates. To make a call, enter the number using the full country code and press dial. You will receive a brief 'call back' between dialing the number and being connected. See the following steps for more details: 

• Dial your destination number for e.g. 00442088192557 and press dial. You will see a "Please Wait" message. The phone will then disconnect. Please note that different phones will display varied messages. Some may even say "call failed", "call rejected", or "sending a request". It is normal to receive these messages.
• Within a few seconds you will receive a 'call back' and your phone will ring.
• Answer the call and you will hear a message saying your call is being connected.
• You will be connected to the destination number.

Receiving a call is the same as receiving a call on any standard operating SIM.

How do I check my credit balance and view my call history?

You can check the credit balance on your phone by dialling 187. To view your call history, check your balance or TOP UP you simply log ιn to your account at www.360travelsim.com from anywhere in the world.

How much is it likely to cost to dial a 360travelsim number?

360travelsim numbers are UK mobile numbers. Hence the international code +44 applies.

• From most fixed lines dialling a 360travelsim number will be charged as a call to a mobile phone (BT landline: 12.5p/min peak, 4p/min off-peak).
• As mobile networks may levy different charges, it is best to check with your service provider about their charges.
• Although many mobile phone users have inclusive minutes with their existing network provider, some network providers may still charge you to call 360travelsim numbers. This decision is taken by each individual network provider to the exclusion of 360roaming.
• It is the responsibility of the network provider to play a recorded message to alert their customer that the number that their customer is dialling is a chargeable call.

Please remember that the 360travelsim sim card will only work in ‘unlocked’ handsets. Your network operator or a mobile phone repair shop can unlock your handset for you.

As a 360travelsim user, you will benefit from receiving free incoming calls in over 120 countries and greatly reduced call rates while you are travelling and when you are at home. Save up to 85% on international roaming calls, data and SMS with a 360travelsim international SIM card.

When you arrive in the UK, simply power up your phone and our 360travelsim sim will automatically connect to our Prefered Roaming Network ( PRN ) in the UK , its that easy. On some handsets, you may need to restart your phone for the profile to become active. You can manually change network providers , but that is not advised, you will still be able to receive and make calls, but this will not be free and will be charged at rates beyond our control. To receive calls FREE and make calls at the advertised pricing please make sure you are roaming on the UK (PRN) Prefered Roaming Network.

Will 360travelsim work with my handset?

360travelsim works only in unlocked mobile phones. When you insert your 360travelsim sim card in a locked phone, you may see a message like this: “Restricted SIM”, “Insert correct SIM”, “SIM registration failed”. Please contact your handset provider to have the phone unlocked.

Some Samsung, LG, Blackberry and iPhone users might need to take the following steps:

• Find 360travelsim menu in your phone menu (Main Menu on  Blackberry, General – Phone – SIM Applications on iPhone) and choose “Settings”
• Press “YES” or “OK” 3. Input “1101″ and choose “OK” (there should be a message on the screen that says “CC OptionX: ON”). 4. Go ahead and make calls as usually. To turn this option OFF, enter 1102.
• A small number of handsets or older style phones (5 years +) may require a different dialling method  when making calls with 360travelsim.
• Try to dial in the following mode: *146* 00 country code, telephone number #. Press call.

When you arrive in the USA/CAN, simply power up your phone and our 360travelsim sim will automatically connect to our Prefered Roaming Network ( PRN ) for USA or CANADA, its that easy. On some handsets, you may need to restart your phone for the profile to become active. You can manually change network providers , but that is not advised, you will still be able to receive and make calls, but this will not be free and will be charged at rates beyond our control. To receive calls FREE and make calls at the advertised pricing please make sure you are roaming on the USA/CAN (PRN) Prefered Roaming Network.

• To TOP UP using a Top Up card or voucher: simply dial the Voucher Number from your handset and press the call button. Its that easy. The amount of the voucher will be added automatically to your account.
• To TOP UP online simply go to www.360travelsim.com. Log in to your 360roaming account and TOP UP using your Paypal or any Credit or Debit card.
• Visit our online store at www.360travelsim.com by clicking on the BUY button at the top of the page, select recharge , provide the UK 360Roaming sim number you want to recharge and select the amount you want to top up.
This 2nd method is also very useful when you want to send funds to someone else's mobile. (Maybe a family member or friend who ran out of funds or cash.)

Give friends, family, and colleagues your new number to use whilst you are abroad. You can also leave a voicemail on your existing phone number giving callers your 360travelsim number to contact you on. Alternatively, simply forward your calls from your existing mobile to your 360travelsim number. Please note that call diversion does normally attract a small service charge from your existing service provider. You should check this with them. However it should still work out at a lower cost than receiving a call on your normal mobile number while abroad. The best solution would be to purchase a 360travelsim virtual number from your area, and forward your calls to your local virtual number for the cost of a local call.

In order to stay in touch, you can forward all incoming calls from your 360travelsim number to any number. For example, when you return from your travels you may want to forward all calls to your local mobile. We provide you with 2 solutions to this common problem.

1) Log in to your 360travelsim portal, go to "My Numbers" and click on the number you want to forward, go to the forwarding setting and enter the number you wish to forward all calls to. To cancel the forward, uncheck the box and confirm.

2) You can also manage all your Virtual numbers from your EVCMOBI account. Log in to your EVMOBI portal and go to Answering rules, select the virtual number you want to forward and enter the number you wish to forward the calls to.

Shipping cost  is 5.50 $ (USA dollars) for worldwide shipping

• 360travelsim SIMs are sold at different prices and vary depending on the package you want to purchase. Each package varies according to the amount of credit included. These start from $10 and go up to $100, the more credit you purchase the cheaper the SIM card.
• 50% off the cost of the SIM card with an initial purchase of $100 USD credit.
• You pay for the SIM card on your first purchase. After the initial purchase you only TOP UP without any additional fees.

The cost of each number varies. The information page gives you an indication of how much each number costs per month. The longer you purchase a number for the cheaper it works out to per month. When you select the number in ‘My Account’ it will show you the total value of the purchase.

Yes, once a number appears in your account it is ready to use. You can start making and receiving calls at any time.

Some countries require additional documentation to authenticate and register a virtual number from their region. This is a fraud prevention measure and is required by that countries regulations. Not all countries require registration procedures.
If you ordered a Virtual number that requires registration, you will be automatically forwarded to the Authentication page, giving you specific instructions on what documentation is required for us to proceed to assigning the Virtual number to your 360travelsim SIM.

It is not possible to choose specific Virtual Numbers. Once your order has gone through a number will be generated and will show in your account.

• 102 +(Destination Number) Forwarding On
• 103 Forwarding Off
• 121 Voicemail Retrieval
• 122 Voicemail ON
• 123 Voicemail Off
• 125 Check status of features
• 154 Customer Service
• 187 Account Balance
• 133 Returns UK number
• 160 Returns US number
• 188 Disable charge notification
• 189 Enable charge notification
• 190 Top up line with operator

Outgoing call rates are exactly the same as making a regular call on your 360travelsim. On average to receive an incoming call on your Virtual number there is an additional charge of $0.20 USD per min on top of the cost to receive a call on your primary UK number. Please see our Rates page for further information. We also provide each user with an EVCMOBI account. By downloading the free EVCMOBI app and adding credit to your EVCMOBI account you can receive calls to any of your Virtual numbers for $0.02 USD/ min.

If the expiry date passes and you have not renewed your number it will be unassigned. You can still purchase another number from the same country and city but you will be assigned a new number. We cannot retrieve lost numbers back to your account.

Virtual Numbers refer to geographic landline numbers. These are numbers that start with an area code that is related to a specific location. For example, a number that is from London will start with +44(0)207. Users can dial this number at the cost of a local call (if they are in the same country).

When you take your mobile phone abroad, your phone "roams" onto overseas mobile networks enabling you to continue using your mobile phone similarly to as you would in your country. However with your existing operator there may be significant extra costs for calls, voicemail, and data services. When you move between countries, 360travelsim will move seamlessly with you, picking up a new network as soon as you arrive in a new destination, enabling you to make low cost calls the moment you step off the plane.

The portal includes the following set of communication tools:

• user profile
• call forwarding management
• personal voicemail
• you can buy DIDs (geographical telephone numbers)
• activation of emergency calls
• virtual numbers management
• pricelists
• missed calls history
• top-up your account online

It is possible to have over 40 additional local numbers associated with your account. Some countries require additional documentation to be supplied in order to set up a local number. This is a fraud prevention measure, and is required by regulation.

By using this feature, you can divert incoming calls and forward them to another phone or number. The redirection rules depend on the state of your phone line, ie the availability of the device you use.

There are three different line situations: busy, no answer, offline. The case of “No Answer” is activated when there’s no answer to an incoming call for a predetermined amount of time (the time may be changed from the default value of the menu “Virtual numbers”). “Offline” is when your device is disconnected from the network. “Busy” is when you’re already in a conversation.

You can also specify different destinations:

• when the line is busy, all incoming calls can go to your voicemail
• unanswered calls can be forwarded to a 3rd nubmer you have specified
• when you return from your travels, you can divert incoming calls to your home or mobile phone.