Sim User Guide

1. Getting Started
360travelsim SIM-USER GUIDE
The tri-cut SIM is scored so that the user can break out a Standard, Micro or Nano SIM from the same card. These can then be re-plugged if you need to use the SIM in a different size.
Carefully break off the SIM card from the plastic blister. If you are using an iPhone or iPad then detach the micro SIM or Nano SIM card format. Insert the SIM card into your phone and switch it on.
Your Device will begin to scan for the nearest mobile network. ** On the first activation of the SIM It can take up to 15 minutes for the sim to find the Global mobile Partner. This delay occurs ONLY on the initial primary use of the sim and the delay varies according to the SIM’s global position. If unsuccessful after 15 minutes, simply turn on and off your mobile device and repeat the process.
Once you are connected to a Mobile network:
    .    1)  DIAL 133 : A text notification with your UK number will be sent to your mobile.
    .    2)  User your UK number as your CUSTOMER ID, and your PUK (printed on your sim card ) as a password, to register your 360travelsim SIM at

2. Receiving Calls
Calls can be received on either the UK number or any Virtual number at any time in any country. However there will be an additional cost for receiving calls on the Virtual number as compared to the UK number. See our website for a complete and up to date list of all tariffs.

3. Making Calls
When in our DIRECT CALLING Network of Countries ( UK, USA, CAN, AUSTRALIA, MEXICO, EU countries and many more ), simply dial the number in the full international format i.e. dial either using the '+' sign or '00' followed by the full international code, then the number you wish to dial and wait to be connected.
00+countrycode+number, e.g.00447624001122 When roaming in countries outside the DIRECT CALLING NETWORK, follow the following steps:
Always dial the number in the full international format i.e. dial either using the '+' sign or '00' followed by the full international code. Once you have pressed the dial button, the following process will take place: (Note: Press dial only once.)
1. You will see a message which will say one of the following: “Please Wait” or “Call not allowed” or “Call back requested”.

2. You will then receive an inbound call.

3. Answer the call – within a few seconds your call will be connected.
4. If you do not receive a call back within 40 seconds, try again. If the problem persists please see section on 'Trouble Shooting’

4. Call History and Itemized Billing
You can access your call history and other account features by logging onto your account on our website.

5. Topping-Up your SIM
To top-up your SIM, visit our website and click on Top-Up. Select the amount you wish to top-up by and you will be guided through the payment process. You can also TOP UP by purchasing a Top-Up voucher, please see the instructions on how to top-up written on the voucher itself.

6. Voicemail
Voicemail is automatically enabled on your account. To control your voicemail options, dial: 121 Access messages 122 Turns voicemail on
123 Turn voicemail off 125 Check voicemail status
7. Text Messaging
Your SIM fully supports standard text messaging (SMS) for incoming and outgoing messages. To send a text message, write your message as normal. Texts are received when sent to your UK number. When sending text messages put the destination number in international format e.g.00447624001122.
8. CLI (Caller Line Identity)
The UK mobile number will be presented as the default CLI. By registering your SIM and logging into your Customer portal, you can purchase additional Virtual numbers for your 360travelsim SIM. Once purchased you will have the option to set your Virtual number as your Caller ID.
9. Mobile Data
To activate mobile data on your 360travelsim SIM, you will need to setup a new APN (Access Point Name) on your handset. The APN you need to set up should be called : mobiledata. Leave the username and password fields blank.
10. Troubleshooting (Cannot make and receive calls)
1. Check to make sure your SIM card is properly installed and your phone is Unlocked and that 360travelsim SIM has coverage in the country you are visiting.

2.    Check you have credit in your account. Credit is required in your account to receive inbound calls. You can check your balance by dialling 187
3.    Try manually changing networks to another provider. It might also help to take out the SIM, re- insert and restart the phone.
4.    If you are using a 3G handset check your handset settings to ensure “dual” GSM/3G mode is selected.

Further Support
360travelsim is fully committed to providing excellent Customer Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact 360travelsim as follows:
        -  Logging into My Account online and submitting a ticket to Customer Service via the Self ServiceHub or the Contact Page.
        -  Customer Service - Dial 154 (Chargeable) from your handset Some of our Service Codes are below:
        -  Balance Check - 187
        -  Voicemail Retrieval - 121
        -  Voicemail On - 122
        -  Voicemail OFF - 123
        -  Voicemail Status - 125
        -  Customer Services - 154
        -  Call Divert ON - 102
        -  Call Divert OFF - 103
        -  Disable Charge Notification - 188
        -  Enable Charge Notification - 189
        -  Top-up - 190
        -  Returns UK Number - 133